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Our simulator is an unique pan-European combination of an accident- and turnover simulator that is covered by patents. The demonstration is separated in: crash and turnover, which are executed one after another while the persons are staying in the car.
Because of the step less controllable crash speed it is possible to install a restraint system for children and to let the parents experience the accident situation.

In the crash phase the occupants experience the mechanism of action of the seatbelt, as well as the power that occurs even with little speed.

Phase Aufprall (Beginn)                              Phase Überschlag (Drehung)                      Phase Überschlag (Endposition)

Video from action of TurnoversimulatorI
In the turnover phase the vehicle will be turned – the occupants have to free themselves from the seatbelts so that they can leave the car.

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- Space requirement: 10 m x 5 m (horizontal)
- Load: 3,5 t
- Power: 220 V / 380 V (32 A)
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